Road, road, road

Big gap since last post.

Road, road, road., the wind has been whipping through the canyon lately making road rides a terror. The magic of Del Puerto Canyon is that if you have a headwind going into the canyon you also have a headwind coming out. It’s magic.

I’m waiting for some pictures and a report of Fred and Ogre going up to Silver Lake. I’ll post when I get it.

For Colette:

That was the last time I rode dirt. I really need to pull the Blur completely apart and replace the pivot bearings. I’m sure a complete tune up would do wonders for the girl.

Finch is trying to strum up interest in an Urban Assault ride of Stockon. Let him know.

MTBR Jersey Vote is trying pick a design for a new jersey. The vote is closed but you can see who won. I’m not sure if that means Ladd’s design is final, the mtbr staff has the final say but I think it’ll be close to the voted for design.

Voodoo Cycles

I never really thanked the guys at Voodoo Cycles who took care of us during Interbike. John, Matt, Gizzelle and I pretty much spent most of our Interbike hanging out at the Voodoo booth. We also got to party with them at the bowling alley at the Orleans. Big Johnny from (NSFW) was there as well as the guy who started the whole LiveWrong stuff. It’s hard to explain what kind of things you see with a bunch of drunk bike nuts thowing 13lb balls down an alley. Stickers were stuck, beers were drank and the bowling alley attendants put up will all of it.

I guess I missed this article on SWDRacing from a couple months ago.

Speaking of racing.

The SMV Racing site has officially been closed. Not much use for it anymore. It was going strong for a couple of years but last year it faded and this year it never really came back. I’m sure like all things, there will be a time when it all comes back around. It’s happened in the past, and it’ll happen again. This last cycle of racing pretty much coincides with Armstrong’s tour domination.

I still remeber hanging out at the bike shop when I first met Chaney. He had been watching Armstrong at the tour so he dusted off his ol’ bike and brought it by the shop to get it tuned up. It was an old mongoose and it was crap.

The next thing you know people are buying bikes, road and mountain and everyone is racing. Wednesday night rides became popular again and 20-30 people would show up every week including Sacramento racers who came down to tear up the pack.

All the cat 4s upgraded to cat 3 and everyone was riding multiple times a week. All winter long you could find spin classes in either Joe’s or Craig’s garage and lots of people showed up.

Everyone was riding there.

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