Red Bull Road Rage

Miles Rockwell takes it down… on a road bike. A DH’er took the fastest time, but he didn’t do it on a mountain bike. It wasn’t even a supped up rig. It was his stock road bike.

The Tour of California

It’s going to be right in our back yard and it’s only a few months away. The Tour of California looks like 7 stages of racing from Santa Rosa to Thousand Oaks.

Stage 2 goes from Martinez to San Jose, it’d be cool as hell if they threw Hamilton into that race. Maybe take mines road up the back side and they’d be climbing all those switchbacks.

Big Auburn Ride

Looks like pics are up for the big group ride in Auburn.

High School Mountain Bike Teams

In there last few years there has been a NorCal High School mountain bike racing series and there are a lot of great people helping make this happen. Berkeley Mike from is on his third year of helping kids learn how to race. Not every kids can afford a mountain bike so Mike is asking for dontations of old parts.

From Mike

“A lot of this stuff gets swapped onto bikes for upgrades (cantis to v-brakes, 7-8 spd to 9 spd), a better fit (riser or stem) or repair (a broken derailleur is replaced) or someone gets their first set of clipless pedals or finally a decent seat. A frame here or there and a bunch of parts and before you know it someone without a bike has a ride; a bit of patchwork but solid; I ride them hard twice myself before I give them up or I trust Lincolns (Dr. Link) skilled hand,……”

We all have spare parts hanging around in boxes and garages. If you’re not using it, give it to a kid who could use it.

“So I ask you all here if you will support us with your cast-offs. Look in your garage or shed or under your bed for that box of things which gets created when you satisfy your Thompson Jones, set aside that shock for the new 105mm, or replaced your Lx with XT or Sram. Would you help us out?

As Treasurer (and Director Sportif) I am privilaged to recieve donations and provide a Tax Deduction form with our Tax ID number as these are Tax Deductible donations. If neccesary i will cover shipping, come by your place and pick-up, or arrange a drop off at an LBS. I do this faithfully. I will also send you a Team Picture and we look goood!”

I’ve been to a couple of NorCal HS Race series and these kids give it their all. Some of them are on some beaters but they’re still out there racing their hearts out. It great to watch, make time this next year go to one of these races and cheer on the kids.


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