Dodge Ridge

A good old fashion Trogs ride will a few Trogs I haven’t seen in a good long while.  Roger, Augie, John M, Mark Gee, Kevin King, Joseph, and me.

 Joseph had stayed up late building his ‘new’ Amp for the ride.  He knew he’d need all the travel he could muster.  We climbed up the Gooseberry fireroad and a lot of the snow was gone.  I had remembered it being a whole lot flatter at the top, not that it was bad, but at one point I told the crew that it doesn’t get any steeper.  Then the next bend got steeper.  The road looks a whole lot different when the snow is mostly gone.

 From gooseberry we took the “knob” trail to the ski patrol shack.  It’s a bit downhill so I went ahead and took off, figuring they’d all be along soon enough.  I could see the top of the lifts and I stopped to wait for the rest…. and waited…. and waited…… I turned back expecting someone to have a flat… but NOOOOOOOO.  From the turn on to “Knob” trail, there is a short climb then a downhill.  At the first bump of the downhill, Joseph’s ‘new’ Amp broke.  By the time I had got there, there was some attempt to fix the broken chain stay with tie straps and good wishes.  You can guess, that didn’t get him very far so I gave him my car keys and Joseph’s ride was done for the day.  He couldn’t even ride it back down the fireroad, he had to walk the 4 miles back.  The rest of us went ahead to finish our ass kicking ride.

 And it kicked our asses.  From the top, there is a short fire road section that starts behind the blue ski patrol shack and then a left turn onto single track marked by a large rock pile.  For the next 14 miles or so, it’s solid sierra single track.  Check out the pictures for the details, but by the end, everyone was tired good and tired.  I don’t think Kevin King will ever ride with me again and Roger called me names through most of the ride but I had fun.



Canyon Classic Ride Reports

Alex, John P, myself and a friend of mine, Mike, showed up this morning at about 7 a.m. for the North Modesto Rotary 100 mile Road Ride in Patterson. I don’t do too much road riding but was itching to take my new road bike for a longer ride…especially since Joseph and I couldn’t get an extra rider for the Lake Sonoma 8 hour race so we cancelled.

Mike and I paid for the supported ride. Alex and John P. decided to do their own support and to do most of the 100 mile course..but to leave out the last 30 miles or so by parking a car at the Arco outside of Tracy.

I elected to do the 100k since my friend was not in the best of shape. The weather was sunny and just a little wind going up Del Puerto Canyon. (the wind situation changed big time later) I took off with Mike first (after getting lots of goodies at the checkin) and Alex and John P. quickly caught us and later passed us. At the park, we met up again and chowed down on the food. Alex and John P. took off to keep going up the canyon. Mike and I were going to go back down but decided to go ahead and do the remaining climb up the Canyon or at least make a stab at it.

The Canyon gets pretty steep about 2 to 3 miles past the park and it was slow going with Mike. Luckily he had a 3 ringer up front so he made it. We stopped at the top of a hill which had a sign saying Santa Clara County which looked like the top…but since this was my first time up that high I’m not sure. Anyway, we put in about 12 extra miles over the 62 mile 100 k. and the ride back down the steep part was fun…weeeeeeeeee.

When we came back down the Canyon and passed the park, the wind started blowing hard into us. I left Mike for awhile and raced this guy to the bottom. Waited for Mike and then a few more miles to lunch. At the lunch stop they had an overhead canvas cover with 4 supporting legs and the wind was blowing so hard by then that 2 volunteers had to hold the front 2 legs down to keep it up. Another volunteer cut some fresh tomatoes for the sandwiches, put a paper plate down with a small weight…but a big gush of wind threw the plate and tomatoes into the air right into another rider’s lap.

The ride then heads to the golf course, another stop, and back down again, this time heading to the right a short distance from the the freeway. To get the 62 mile they head you south after going under the highway going towards the Crows Landing Hwy 5 exit…no problem until we turned back north into the wind. The wind was very bad directly into our faces and it was harder than climbing the hills. Mike had trouble but we eventually made it back.

Well supported ride, several volunteer trucks came by while we were riding to check on us, and the volunteers were nice. I expected to see George, Matt or Joseph since it’s their home town but I’m sure they have done this ride many times before.

I assume that Alex and John P. made it back fine but didn’t see them again after the park.

Curtis Colaw

Hey all,

Hey the ride was cool with the exception of what felt like a gale force wind! after the junction that climbs out towards Livermore man the wind was relentless but all was good the people at the rest stops were very friendly and anxious to provide water and such even though I had explained to them that we were self supported and did not require food and such but they insisted and got  my bottles toped off. We headed back and over Patterson Pass rd and we coasted at least 5 miles without pedaling at speeds that barley fell under 30 mph what a way to finish and got a couple of tall cans at the Am/Pm and slammed them down. Good ass ride! Looking forward to the Canal Plunge to do it up TROGS style! 



I had a good time too. I think i improved on my times from last year.
The wind was wild to say the least, We would go around a courner and go
from no wind to be blasted with a 20 mph headwind,
The 70 miles and 5000 feet of climbing was not enough this weekend, so
rode the Knights Ferry breakfast ride (52 miles) today,

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