Big Road Trip

Fred and Danger just got back from a top notch road trip. Business in the south eastern US gave them an excuse to go and while they were gone then took their bikes and hit some rides on the way back. I got a call from Fred when they hit Moab. He was looking for suggestions on where to ride since they only had a couple of hours. I suggested Slickrock but I wasn’t really sure what else was in the 2-3 hour range so I posted on mtbr to see what the locals suggested. They were split between Amasa Back and Slickrock. I never got ahold of Fred again but it looks like they found Amasa Back all on their own.

Sept 2nd

Lots of good rides over this past week and some good rides coming up. Last week some Trogs went up to Bear Valley but what looked really interesting to me was the Silver Lake ride that Finch and Ogre did.

Speaking of Ogre, he should be on his way to Kernville about now, or maybe early tomorrow morning. Last I read they he had a big group going.

If people aren’t going to Kernville, they’re planning on going to the SF Grand Prix. I haven’t decided if I’m going to watch or not. I might head up there Saturday night and watch the race from the Expo area.

I actually got off my ass and I’ve ridden about 120 miles in the last week. All road, but with gas being what it is, I’d like to get more miles in locally if I can. I am trying to get a ride together for an exploritory ride of Milo’s Run on Monday. I have a few maybes. Let’s see if we can pull it together, be ready for a bunch of pictures if I go.

I need to get in better shape before I make a showing at Interbike this year. I intend to bring the bike and maybe hook up with El Chingon and Crash the Dog for some rides back in Utah or at least Bootleg Canyon.

My Own Personal Stalker

The Trogs email list has a little over 60 members. In all that time we’ve only ever had to kick one person off the list (well 2 if you count the spammer but he pretty much volunteered to leave). This guy Shane who ‘rides’ in Modesto got belligerent on the email list so he was finally booted. Now, you have to understand what kind of rider he is. He’s the kind of rider that spends a couple thousand on a loaded Heckler and rides 99% of the time at Dry Creek. A few years ago he showed up at a Trog BBQ, eat a bunch of food and drank a bunch of beer, rode 5 miles, got tired and then left. Anyway………

Ever since he got booted of the email list, I get these stalker emails from him. This is the latest,


Subject: You are such a trendy FAT Faggot.

Trendy pussy.Get that as a tattoo.

Now, this is from a guy who rides a Heckler on a trail that kids ride their bmx bikes on. If you’re down at the creek and see a big guy going slow on Black Heckler ask him when the last time that bike has been in the ‘mountains’. Oh, I can’t wait for the email now.


The third grand tour is going strong, but it get’s so little coverage anymore that it might as well be on the moon. When OLN used to broadcast it, I used to watch it every day. Discovery did pick up a stage today but it looks like Herras is in charge.

Del Puerto Canyon new water stop.

If you’re going to ride up Del Puerto Canyon anytime soon, there is something new you should look out for, fresh filtered water. For the longest time, if you wanted water you had to settle for the nasty tasting water at the Off Road park. A couple years ago they put a sign on the faucet that said, “Do not drink.” It’s the same water he had been drinking for years so we just drank it anyway, but it did taste bad. A couple weeks ago I heard that there is a water source that is cold, and filtered. Just past the 18 mile mark you’ll see a large white arrow on the hill side, follow the arrow across the street to a short driveway and a white box with two spigots and a sign that says “Adobe Springs”. The two spigots have fresh clean filtered cold water. The sign says “Closed on Saturday” but everything was turned on last Saturday so I don’t know if it gets shut off sometimes or not. So next time you’re heading up the canyon, top off the water bottles.

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