Eagle Peak

It’s been a while since I’ve hit the dirt. I think it’s been since Brian Head. Anyway, Ogre managed to get Finch and crew to come to Pinecrest Peak and I figured I’d have to be in for this ride since it’s always more fun when you get to introduce people to a new trail. Ogre and Fred wanted to ride it from the Strawberry store and considered that for about a microsecond and shuttled. Dan was supposed to shuttle with me but he had some trouble at Tahoe and bailed. Lucky for me once JFR got there, he was all for shuttling, and then Cory showed up and suggested riding up to Eagle Peak and then Alex and Max were shuttling too. Then at the last minute, Jilm jumped in.

Now, Alex had been giving me crap for shuttling and all of the sudden, he was shuttling. Somewhere karma was text messaged that she needed to take care fo the situation.

Char was nice enough to shuttle JFR, Jilm and I up to the gargoyles with Cory, Tony, Alex and Max to be up shortly. On the drive up, Cory hit a hole cover that shot up under his car and broke a leaf spring and shock mount. JFR, Jilm and I were up at the gargoyles so we didn’t learn of this until after waiting an hour for someone to show up. Cory’s ride day was over.

Alex, Max, and Tony showed up and we started the climb to the top of Hammil Canyon. Alex sort of had a map to Eagle Peak and we were counting turn offs but missed the correct turn and ended up at the bottom of Eagle Peak Jeap Rd. I started up this nasty road and decide better of it. Jilm, JFR, Tony and Alex continued up and I decided to just wait at the top of Hammil Canyon for the rest of the group. Since we had to wait an hour at the gargoyles I figured the non shuttle group couldn’t be more than 20-30 minutes back. Plus, Alex was leading with a hand drawn map, this was a recipe for a death march and I wanted no part of it.


I made it to the to of Hammil and 20 minutes later Finch came rolling up with the rest of the crew following. We waited for about 20 minutes hoping the Eagle Peak crew would show up so that we could ride together but they never showed and we didn’t know how much longer they would be. Off we went down Hammil Canyon.

Hammil Canyon is a nice piece of singletrack, it has a bit of technical challange at the top section but about 1/3 of the way down it turn into loamy singeltrack. Near the bottom of the canyon I finally hear Alex over the radio, that had just reached the top and the view was worth the 6 mile climb. View shmiew. I’ve seen views, I want singeltrack. Hammil Canyon singletrack dumps you out at Herring Creek about 1/2 mile up from the gargoyles.

From there we climbed up to Pinecrest Peak Lookout, and we looked out over the valleys and the lakes below. I reached into my camelbak and brought out my new toy. I flask with some liquid courage. Passed it around a bit and the next thing we knew were were bombing down some classic Sierra singletrack.

It’s had been at least a hear since I rode PCP and I remembered it being harder that it was today. It’s always still a challange. You get worked by the loose rocks, you get worked by the loose soil, then you get worked by the twisty rocky section at he bottom.

At the bottom, there was only one question left. Where is the beer and how long before the rest of the guys make it down? People were tired, hungry and dirty.

I decided to wait until everyone got down. About an hour later we got a call on the radio. Alex had crashed hard. He took a header into a bunch of rocks and wasn’t getting up too quickly. They were kind of worried about him since he smashed his helmet and said his neck hurt. Luckily, he made it out on his own. He looked pretty tore up when I saw him, but I’m glad he’s ok.

Now, rember karma? Alex had giving shit for shuttling and then ended up shuttling himself. Karma felt it has her duty to give Alex, a speeding ticket, then karma lost Alex’s body armor on the ride, then sent him over the bars as a demonstration of her power.


I’m glad you made it back OK Alex.

Sep 14th

Almost 2 weeks since last post, but, I’ve been busy…. riding….. a little.

I just got back from the LAST wed road ride heading out of Cyclemasters. It was a shorter loop and I did a little better this time. I even went off the front for a bit and then when caught I was able to hold 27-28mph for a couple of miles before I finally popped. They kept the pace up and I just faded away and rode in on my own and finished the ride.

Vegas is only a couple weeks away. I saw Matt N. at Cyclemasters. He was getting his bike ready for the Mammoth Nationals this weekend. It looks like he’s going with us to Interbike. Last year Matt won the Beginners Cat in the DH Nationals. He’s eyeballing the Sport DH title this year.

I’ve been talking to some Utah locals who come down to Interbike. They may have a ride set up for St. George during Interbike. They did it last year so I’ll have to keep my eyes open for that one. I really love St. George riding.

Plunge Pics

Looks like they had a good group for the Plunge a couple weeks ago.

Back to Pinecrest

Looks like Ogre has convinced a couple of visitors to hit Pine crest this weekend. I’m giggling as I write this because I know what’s in store for them.

Big Road Trip

Fred and Danger just got back from a top notch road trip. Business in the south eastern US gave them an excuse to go and while they were gone then took their bikes and hit some rides on the way back. I got a call from Fred when they hit Moab. He was looking for suggestions on where to ride since they only had a couple of hours. I suggested Slickrock but I wasn’t really sure what else was in the 2-3 hour range so I posted on mtbr to see what the locals suggested. They were split between Amasa Back and Slickrock. I never got ahold of Fred again but it looks like they found Amasa Back all on their own.

Road, road, road

Big gap since last post.

Road, road, road., the wind has been whipping through the canyon lately making road rides a terror. The magic of Del Puerto Canyon is that if you have a headwind going into the canyon you also have a headwind coming out. It’s magic.

I’m waiting for some pictures and a report of Fred and Ogre going up to Silver Lake. I’ll post when I get it.

For Colette:

That was the last time I rode dirt. I really need to pull the Blur completely apart and replace the pivot bearings. I’m sure a complete tune up would do wonders for the girl.

Finch is trying to strum up interest in an Urban Assault ride of Stockon. Let him know.

MTBR Jersey Vote

www.mtbr.com is trying pick a design for a new jersey. The vote is closed but you can see who won. I’m not sure if that means Ladd’s design is final, the mtbr staff has the final say but I think it’ll be close to the voted for design.

Voodoo Cycles

I never really thanked the guys at Voodoo Cycles who took care of us during Interbike. John, Matt, Gizzelle and I pretty much spent most of our Interbike hanging out at the Voodoo booth. We also got to party with them at the bowling alley at the Orleans. Big Johnny from www.drunkcyclist.com (NSFW) was there as well as the guy who started the whole LiveWrong stuff. It’s hard to explain what kind of things you see with a bunch of drunk bike nuts thowing 13lb balls down an alley. Stickers were stuck, beers were drank and the bowling alley attendants put up will all of it.

I guess I missed this article on SWDRacing from a couple months ago.

Speaking of racing.

The SMV Racing site has officially been closed. Not much use for it anymore. It was going strong for a couple of years but last year it faded and this year it never really came back. I’m sure like all things, there will be a time when it all comes back around. It’s happened in the past, and it’ll happen again. This last cycle of racing pretty much coincides with Armstrong’s tour domination.

I still remeber hanging out at the bike shop when I first met Chaney. He had been watching Armstrong at the tour so he dusted off his ol’ bike and brought it by the shop to get it tuned up. It was an old mongoose and it was crap.

The next thing you know people are buying bikes, road and mountain and everyone is racing. Wednesday night rides became popular again and 20-30 people would show up every week including Sacramento racers who came down to tear up the pack.

All the cat 4s upgraded to cat 3 and everyone was riding multiple times a week. All winter long you could find spin classes in either Joe’s or Craig’s garage and lots of people showed up.

Everyone was riding there.

Red Bull Road Rage

Miles Rockwell takes it down… on a road bike. A DH’er took the fastest time, but he didn’t do it on a mountain bike. It wasn’t even a supped up rig. It was his stock road bike.

The Tour of California

It’s going to be right in our back yard and it’s only a few months away. The Tour of California looks like 7 stages of racing from Santa Rosa to Thousand Oaks.

Stage 2 goes from Martinez to San Jose, it’d be cool as hell if they threw Hamilton into that race. Maybe take mines road up the back side and they’d be climbing all those switchbacks.

Big Auburn Ride

Looks like pics are up for the big group ride in Auburn.

High School Mountain Bike Teams

In there last few years there has been a NorCal High School mountain bike racing series and there are a lot of great people helping make this happen. Berkeley Mike from is on his third year of helping kids learn how to race. Not every kids can afford a mountain bike so Mike is asking for dontations of old parts.

From Mike

“A lot of this stuff gets swapped onto bikes for upgrades (cantis to v-brakes, 7-8 spd to 9 spd), a better fit (riser or stem) or repair (a broken derailleur is replaced) or someone gets their first set of clipless pedals or finally a decent seat. A frame here or there and a bunch of parts and before you know it someone without a bike has a ride; a bit of patchwork but solid; I ride them hard twice myself before I give them up or I trust Lincolns (Dr. Link) skilled hand,……”

We all have spare parts hanging around in boxes and garages. If you’re not using it, give it to a kid who could use it.

“So I ask you all here if you will support us with your cast-offs. Look in your garage or shed or under your bed for that box of things which gets created when you satisfy your Thompson Jones, set aside that shock for the new 105mm, or replaced your Lx with XT or Sram. Would you help us out?

As Treasurer (and Director Sportif) I am privilaged to recieve donations and provide a Tax Deduction form with our Tax ID number as these are Tax Deductible donations. If neccesary i will cover shipping, come by your place and pick-up, or arrange a drop off at an LBS. I do this faithfully. I will also send you a Team Picture and we look goood!”

I’ve been to a couple of NorCal HS Race series and these kids give it their all. Some of them are on some beaters but they’re still out there racing their hearts out. It great to watch, make time this next year go to one of these races and cheer on the kids.


Dodge Ridge

A good old fashion Trogs ride will a few Trogs I haven’t seen in a good long while.  Roger, Augie, John M, Mark Gee, Kevin King, Joseph, and me.

 Joseph had stayed up late building his ‘new’ Amp for the ride.  He knew he’d need all the travel he could muster.  We climbed up the Gooseberry fireroad and a lot of the snow was gone.  I had remembered it being a whole lot flatter at the top, not that it was bad, but at one point I told the crew that it doesn’t get any steeper.  Then the next bend got steeper.  The road looks a whole lot different when the snow is mostly gone.

 From gooseberry we took the “knob” trail to the ski patrol shack.  It’s a bit downhill so I went ahead and took off, figuring they’d all be along soon enough.  I could see the top of the lifts and I stopped to wait for the rest…. and waited…. and waited…… I turned back expecting someone to have a flat… but NOOOOOOOO.  From the turn on to “Knob” trail, there is a short climb then a downhill.  At the first bump of the downhill, Joseph’s ‘new’ Amp broke.  By the time I had got there, there was some attempt to fix the broken chain stay with tie straps and good wishes.  You can guess, that didn’t get him very far so I gave him my car keys and Joseph’s ride was done for the day.  He couldn’t even ride it back down the fireroad, he had to walk the 4 miles back.  The rest of us went ahead to finish our ass kicking ride.

 And it kicked our asses.  From the top, there is a short fire road section that starts behind the blue ski patrol shack and then a left turn onto single track marked by a large rock pile.  For the next 14 miles or so, it’s solid sierra single track.  Check out the pictures for the details, but by the end, everyone was tired good and tired.  I don’t think Kevin King will ever ride with me again and Roger called me names through most of the ride but I had fun.



Canyon Classic Ride Reports

Alex, John P, myself and a friend of mine, Mike, showed up this morning at about 7 a.m. for the North Modesto Rotary 100 mile Road Ride in Patterson. I don’t do too much road riding but was itching to take my new road bike for a longer ride…especially since Joseph and I couldn’t get an extra rider for the Lake Sonoma 8 hour race so we cancelled.

Mike and I paid for the supported ride. Alex and John P. decided to do their own support and to do most of the 100 mile course..but to leave out the last 30 miles or so by parking a car at the Arco outside of Tracy.

I elected to do the 100k since my friend was not in the best of shape. The weather was sunny and just a little wind going up Del Puerto Canyon. (the wind situation changed big time later) I took off with Mike first (after getting lots of goodies at the checkin) and Alex and John P. quickly caught us and later passed us. At the park, we met up again and chowed down on the food. Alex and John P. took off to keep going up the canyon. Mike and I were going to go back down but decided to go ahead and do the remaining climb up the Canyon or at least make a stab at it.

The Canyon gets pretty steep about 2 to 3 miles past the park and it was slow going with Mike. Luckily he had a 3 ringer up front so he made it. We stopped at the top of a hill which had a sign saying Santa Clara County which looked like the top…but since this was my first time up that high I’m not sure. Anyway, we put in about 12 extra miles over the 62 mile 100 k. and the ride back down the steep part was fun…weeeeeeeeee.

When we came back down the Canyon and passed the park, the wind started blowing hard into us. I left Mike for awhile and raced this guy to the bottom. Waited for Mike and then a few more miles to lunch. At the lunch stop they had an overhead canvas cover with 4 supporting legs and the wind was blowing so hard by then that 2 volunteers had to hold the front 2 legs down to keep it up. Another volunteer cut some fresh tomatoes for the sandwiches, put a paper plate down with a small weight…but a big gush of wind threw the plate and tomatoes into the air right into another rider’s lap.

The ride then heads to the golf course, another stop, and back down again, this time heading to the right a short distance from the the freeway. To get the 62 mile they head you south after going under the highway going towards the Crows Landing Hwy 5 exit…no problem until we turned back north into the wind. The wind was very bad directly into our faces and it was harder than climbing the hills. Mike had trouble but we eventually made it back.

Well supported ride, several volunteer trucks came by while we were riding to check on us, and the volunteers were nice. I expected to see George, Matt or Joseph since it’s their home town but I’m sure they have done this ride many times before.

I assume that Alex and John P. made it back fine but didn’t see them again after the park.

Curtis Colaw

Hey all,

Hey the ride was cool with the exception of what felt like a gale force wind! after the junction that climbs out towards Livermore man the wind was relentless but all was good the people at the rest stops were very friendly and anxious to provide water and such even though I had explained to them that we were self supported and did not require food and such but they insisted and got  my bottles toped off. We headed back and over Patterson Pass rd and we coasted at least 5 miles without pedaling at speeds that barley fell under 30 mph what a way to finish and got a couple of tall cans at the Am/Pm and slammed them down. Good ass ride! Looking forward to the Canal Plunge to do it up TROGS style! 



I had a good time too. I think i improved on my times from last year.
The wind was wild to say the least, We would go around a courner and go
from no wind to be blasted with a 20 mph headwind,
The 70 miles and 5000 feet of climbing was not enough this weekend, so
rode the Knights Ferry breakfast ride (52 miles) today,

Big Road Trip

Fred and Danger just got back from a top notch road trip. Business in the south eastern US gave them an excuse to go and while they were gone then took their bikes and hit some rides on the way back. I got a call from Fred when they hit Moab. He was looking for suggestions on where to ride since they only had a couple of hours. I suggested Slickrock but I wasn’t really sure what else was in the 2-3 hour range so I posted on mtbr to see what the locals suggested. They were split between Amasa Back and Slickrock. I never got ahold of Fred again but it looks like they found Amasa Back all on their own.

Sept 2nd

Lots of good rides over this past week and some good rides coming up. Last week some Trogs went up to Bear Valley but what looked really interesting to me was the Silver Lake ride that Finch and Ogre did.

Speaking of Ogre, he should be on his way to Kernville about now, or maybe early tomorrow morning. Last I read they he had a big group going.

If people aren’t going to Kernville, they’re planning on going to the SF Grand Prix. I haven’t decided if I’m going to watch or not. I might head up there Saturday night and watch the race from the Expo area.

I actually got off my ass and I’ve ridden about 120 miles in the last week. All road, but with gas being what it is, I’d like to get more miles in locally if I can. I am trying to get a ride together for an exploritory ride of Milo’s Run on Monday. I have a few maybes. Let’s see if we can pull it together, be ready for a bunch of pictures if I go.

I need to get in better shape before I make a showing at Interbike this year. I intend to bring the bike and maybe hook up with El Chingon and Crash the Dog for some rides back in Utah or at least Bootleg Canyon.

My Own Personal Stalker

The Trogs email list has a little over 60 members. In all that time we’ve only ever had to kick one person off the list (well 2 if you count the spammer but he pretty much volunteered to leave). This guy Shane who ‘rides’ in Modesto got belligerent on the email list so he was finally booted. Now, you have to understand what kind of rider he is. He’s the kind of rider that spends a couple thousand on a loaded Heckler and rides 99% of the time at Dry Creek. A few years ago he showed up at a Trog BBQ, eat a bunch of food and drank a bunch of beer, rode 5 miles, got tired and then left. Anyway………

Ever since he got booted of the email list, I get these stalker emails from him. This is the latest,

From: paddler33@xxxxxxx.xxx

Subject: You are such a trendy FAT Faggot.

Trendy pussy.Get that as a tattoo.

Now, this is from a guy who rides a Heckler on a trail that kids ride their bmx bikes on. If you’re down at the creek and see a big guy going slow on Black Heckler ask him when the last time that bike has been in the ‘mountains’. Oh, I can’t wait for the email now.


The third grand tour is going strong, but it get’s so little coverage anymore that it might as well be on the moon. When OLN used to broadcast it, I used to watch it every day. Discovery did pick up a stage today but it looks like Herras is in charge.

Del Puerto Canyon new water stop.

If you’re going to ride up Del Puerto Canyon anytime soon, there is something new you should look out for, fresh filtered water. For the longest time, if you wanted water you had to settle for the nasty tasting water at the Off Road park. A couple years ago they put a sign on the faucet that said, “Do not drink.” It’s the same water he had been drinking for years so we just drank it anyway, but it did taste bad. A couple weeks ago I heard that there is a water source that is cold, and filtered. Just past the 18 mile mark you’ll see a large white arrow on the hill side, follow the arrow across the street to a short driveway and a white box with two spigots and a sign that says “Adobe Springs”. The two spigots have fresh clean filtered cold water. The sign says “Closed on Saturday” but everything was turned on last Saturday so I don’t know if it gets shut off sometimes or not. So next time you’re heading up the canyon, top off the water bottles.